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use community waste to create clean energy & fuels


this doesn't make sense anymore

zero landfill 

  • Methane from landfill gas is 28x more harmful than CO2

  • US landfills produce the same amount of greenhouse gas as 28 million gas/diesel cars

  • ​Even with gas capturing systems, 30% of methane can still escape a landfill

  • Landfills are ugly, smelly and terrible for the environment

  • With a zero-landfill strategy, you can divert your municipal solid waste (MSW) to create carbon-neutral fuels and power

  • Eliminate or extend the life of your landfill

  • Localize energy independence

  • Take advantage of available grants & incentives to create a cleaner community

  • You see garbage, we see tremendous opportunities to develop clean energy for your communities

There's a better way

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